March 12, 2010

In 2003 KLM purchased a used 1998 ISUZU NPR400 which had travelled approximately 100,000 klm, but in very good condition.

We purchased this vehicle for delivering domestic LP Gas cylinders, this required some highway running bur mostly suburban work, stopping more than 40 times a day. Each day the vehicle starts its run with near to maximum load capacity and being a non-turbo model it wasn't long before the driver was complaining about the lack of power.

As the vehicle was in good condition we decided to spend some money to solve this problem. We were doing some business with Torquegas and Ron Flanigan heard we were having some power issues with this vehicle. After talking to Ron we looked at our options of either fitting a turbo or LPG.

Fitting the LPG has turned out to be a very wise move, not only did we pick up the extra power our driver was looking for but it has also improved the economy of the vehicle. In addition we believe the LPG is helping to increase the life of the motor and our service mechanic is always amazed at how clean the oil is during changes.

In conclusion the vehicle has now done well over 400,000 klms, still has plenty of power, a happy driver and we have had little problem with the gas system.

We would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone LPG over diesel and Ron and his team at Torquegas.


Kel McNamara

Principal Partner

Testimonial Mark

In July 2008 I purchased an Isuzu MKR300 to tow my bob cat and a mini excavator.

After a few weeks I realised that the truck was under powered and that I needed the little extra to get around the Sunshine Coast and as my job also takes me up the Range to Maleny and Montville I had to do something to get power.

I had already heard for some years earlier that Torquegas were converting four wheel drives and after speaking to Ron Flanigan I was convinced to convert. Ron wasn't confident that I would have any savings but did promise the power would be there.

This has proven to be one of the best investments I have made as not only did I get the expected power increase I also get a great savings.

I would recommend gas over to diesel to anyone now that i have done almost two years of running and i would never be without gas even on a more powerful truck.

Ron and his team have been great and it only took a day to fit and tune.

Mark Southern Little Dugger

“Torquegas has converted 4 of my vehicles since 2003 and I couldn't be happier”

Reg (Little Mountain)

“I have had gas on many vehicles over the last 20 years but the SVI system on my Nissan Maxima gives the best performance and economy I have ever experienced on LP Gas”

Bill (Gold Coast)