Company Information
Torquegas Conversions is a family owned and run Australian company with its head
office at Caloundra in Queensland, Australia. This is on the Sunshine Coast approximately
80 km north of Brisbane. Torquegas installs conversions and wholesales kits to fitters
around Australia.

Torquegas has a modern well-equipped workshop with approximately 15 staff and installs
approximately 800 conversions per year. This makes Torquegas the leading LPG conversion
company in Queensland. More importantly this puts Torquegas at the forefront of
conversion technology with continual research and development into the latest equipment
trends to ensure supply of state of the art solutions for ever-changing engine technology.

Ron Flanigan, the owner/operator of Torquegas, has over 30 years experience in the
LPG industry. From humble beginnings installing conversions in a two-man business,
Ron has expanded the business to be one of the leaders in a strong and rapidly growing

Ron is a well-known identity within the industry, being a current member of the
Australian LPG Association (LPGA) and a Queensland committee member. He was the
first president of the Australian Automotive Gas Fitters Association. Ron has actively
lobbied the Australian Government and played a major role in prompting the federal
government to establish the current LPG Vehicle Scheme.

Torquegas wholesales conversion kits to fitters throughout Australia from the Head
Office in Queensland and a branch office in Victoria. These kits include LPG tank
brackets designed and manufactured by Torquegas as well as many other Australian
made components such as Manchester and APA gas tanks.

Where necessary, Torquegas sources components internationally to ensure that its
kits comprise the latest and best technology to meet the constantly changing engine
technology. Torquegas works with suppliers to develop components for Australian
vehicles that have in some cases been added to suppliers standard range for use
in Japanese, European and American cars and trucks. Torquegas has exclusive access
to many high-tech products that carry the Torquegas logo.

Torquegas continues to embrace change for the advancement of the automotive LPG
industry and continuously strives to become world leaders in the supply of LPG equipment
for the use of “today’s fuel for a cleaner tomorrow”.